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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Lake Forest, Irvine and Tustin

Tiled floors are a great statement to any bathroom, kitchen, or any room, really. They provide an earthy and unique look to just about any room they're in. Like any surfaces, though, tiles and the grout that adheres them to one another can lose their luster if they're not looked after.

When commercial property owners want the tiles and grout of their public bathrooms or showers cleaned, there is only one name they trust—and that is ours. At Like Never Before Janitorial Services, Inc., we use only the finest equipment and commercial-grade cleaning products to restore your tiles and rustic grout to its former glory. What's more, we offer these grouting cleaning services for a competitive rate.

Is it time to say goodbye to mildew and stains? If so, contact us today. Our phone number is (949) 351-1920. We are eager to show you just what we are capable of.

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Transform Your Tile Floors

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of commercial floor cleaning. We've earned the respect and admiration of clients and professional peers alike by providing value-driven services. We don't just clean floors, we serve customers—and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unrivaled in our industry.

Whether your bathroom tiles are showing signs of discoloration or you detect the smell of mildew, we can help you. We know how to clean tiles and porous grout without compromising either component's integrity in the slightest.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and an upfront quote. Within minutes, you will come to see just how we've established ourselves at the forefront of commercial cleaning.

Protecting Floors, Protecting Everyone

In this day and age, people do not rely on commercial cleaners just to maintain appearances. While a clean-looking building is important, what's more important is that the surfaces in your facility are sanitized and disinfected at the end of every day. Doing so keeps everyone happy and healthy—as a bonus, surfaces will look pristine, too.

When we clean your facilities, we use only the finest cleaning products available today. As for our cleaning methods themselves, we abide by the latest health protocols and codes, while making sure to incorporate whatever requests you make at the outset.

We think a health-conscious approach is the best approach. Our clients are our fellow community members, and we wish to see everyone in our community thrive.

Count on Our Commercial Cleaners

Getting your floors, kitchen counters, backsplashes and bathrooms sparkling clean is what we are best known for. Even when your grout is discolored, and tiles have seen better days. Like Never Before Janitorial Service Inc. professionals are vetted tile and grout cleaning experts with years of training and experience working with local companies of all varieties. We are:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Trained to upkeep confidentiality on your premises.
  • On time for every appointment.
  • Trained up to date in the latest safety and cleaning technologies.
  • Equipped with advanced equipment and cleaning solutions.
  • Ready to respond to emergencies at your request.

Best Rates on All Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Keeping your business looking its best is as important to us as it is to you. We take our responsibility to you very seriously and guarantee superior results and your complete satisfaction every time. Choose from a variety of precision tile and grout cleaning services that are tailored to your space. Our quotes are low, upfront, and will never contain any surprises when you open up your final bill.

No-Obligation Consultations for You

During a free on-site consultation, we'll work with you to build an actionable plan that takes your budget, schedule and the unique specifications of your company into consideration. Our fast turnaround times and attention to detail are just some of the things that set us apart from the rest.

What Can a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company Do for You?

Haven't discovered the best way to clean grout? If your tiles aren't looking like they used to, it might be time for a good deep cleaning. We know how to clean tile (and the best way to clean grout lines) no matter where they are located, or how large the surface area is.

Our specialized training and tools allow us to penetrate grime that regular cleaning methods just cannot remove. When you employ a professional tile and grout cleaning company, not only will your hard surfaces last much longer, they'll be the right color again—and air quality will be improved!

What Makes Us the Best Local Ceramic Tile Cleaner?

We set ourselves apart from other grout cleaning companies in our commitment to your complete satisfaction. We believe in getting it right the first time so we make sure each of our friendly technicians arrives with well-maintained equipment and the right tools for the job. Choosing the right local ceramic tile cleaner can mean the difference between like-new finished results and delays, disappointment, and overpriced services.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Business Large and Small

Keeping carpets looking their best doesn't have to be a headache that interferes with your regular working schedule. No matter what your goals are, we have the licensed personnel, tools, and equipment to tackle the job and produce amazing finished results. Let us sit down with you during a free consultation to determine the unique needs of your organization. Our low prices make our carpet cleaning services accessible to companies of all sizes, from retail stores and government buildings too; offices, hospitals, restaurants, factories, warehouses, and much more.

Say Goodbye to Dirty Grout and Tiles

The cost-effective nature of certain floor tiles makes tile and grout floors an attractive option for developers and commercial spaces of all varieties—from the bathrooms at public pools to hotel lobbies.

In order to protect your investment, work with our floor cleaning company. We will make sure you reap the benefits of your attractive tiled floors and showers for years to come. Mold, mildew, and discoloration don't stand a chance against our steadfast team of cleaners.

Don't trust just anyone with your commercial floor cleaning services. Call us to set up an appointment for a free consultation with our tile and grout cleaning technicians today.