Floor Stripping and Waxing Irvine

The floor of your commercial business has to put up with a great deal of wear and tear. Foot traffic, grime, cleaning products, UV rays, temperature changes and moisture will slowly eat away at the floor wax of your Irvine business.

The point of having your floors waxed is twofold: 1) to protect the floor and 2) to keep it looking great. Over time the wax stops doing both of these, but luckily, if you know what to look for, you can know when to refinish the floor before it completely loses its protective qualities.

Signs Your Floor Needs to be Refinished

  • Yellowing or color change: this is when dirt starts to embed itself into the wax and will slowly obscure the normally clear wax. If you have a picture of the floor soon after it was stripped and waxed then this will help you compare. However, you can also look at the areas with the heaviest traffic and compare it with similarly lit but very low traffic areas.
  • Scuff marks: if your floor is covered in scuff marks or divots then you may need to strip the floor to remove them.
  • Depressions: heavy traffic can remove the wax and create depressions or large indentations in your floor. Depressions are concerning because much of the protective layer has been removed-leaving your floor exposed and at risk.
  • Anti-static Stripper and Floor Wax

If you work in a technologically heavy industry or office then static electricity is a very real concern. Static electricity can cause issues with, and even severely damage, electronic equipment. Like Never Before Janitorial Service has anti-static strippers and waxes when performing a floor refinishing; Allowing the employees in your Irvine establishment to move safely across the workspace without gaining a static charge from the floor.

An Efficient Team to Meet Your Business Needs

Like Never Before Janitorial has been an A+ accredited business with the BBB since 2004 and we look forward to showing new clients in the greater Irvine area why our work ethic and efficiency has gained us, and kept us, a superior rating with the better business bureau.